Exercises for a Higher Vertical Jump

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You know, if you really want to soar high up in the air and be able to make that amazing slam dunk just like that of your favorite hoop stars, you need to sweat it out and start improving your jumping prowess. Sitting there on your couch and just thinking and dreaming about it will not do you any good!

However, you need to understand that this improvement in your vertical leap is not going to come easy. You must be totally committed and dedicated if you want to turn this dream into a reality. When it comes to how to jump higher in basketball, you will need the help of the right jumping exercises.

There are plenty of jumping routines that you can perform to improve your vertical jumping ability. You have stretching exercises, basic jumping routines and plyometric exercises and all of which are proven very effective. Here is a short list of favorite jumping exercises that can help you with your cause;

a.) Jumping Rope

b.) Squats

c.) Toe Raises

d.) Box Jumps

e.) Deep Knee Bends

f.) Step Ups

g.) Lunges

As a suggestion, make sure that you only perform such routines for at least four to five days per week rather than the whole seven days of the week. This will give your muscles a time to rest and recuperate. It is also recommended that you take a measurement of your current jump height before you start with your training so that you could keep track of your progress.

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